Skills Garden

“Innovative sports facility for all”


Many different target groups can practice sports together on this universal sports facility; young and old, healthy and disabled, amateurs or elites, recreational or professional practitioners can play, practice, train, rehabilitate or come together. The Skills Garden challenges you to move in a fun and enjoyable way. This allows for a versatile motoric development, which is important for health, fitness and sports performances. In the Skills Garden, all important Basic Movement Skills such as balancing, going, climbing, turning, hitting, throwing, shooting, catching, jumping can be developed in a versatile manner. The Skills Garden is tailor-made and allows for the existing environment to be included into the design. A Skills Garden becomes part of living, working and leisure and facilitates meeting and being with others. It is a social infrastructure that attracts people and fosters social cohesion.


Gratis elke maand het laatste nieuws, actuele ontwikkelingen, interessante artikelen en opvallende berichten rondom het Athletic Skills Model op een rij in je mailbox.