Rehabilitation street

“Innovative sport facility for medical professionals”


Based on the ASM vision, an innovative and multi-functional rehabilitation street has been developed. A place where physical therapists and other para-medics or rehabilitation trainers can work on the recovery of their patients in a versatile way. The AS Rehabilitation Street can be implemented at sports clubs, sports federations, hospitals, rehabilitation centres and (physical therapy) fitness centres. Every Rehabilitation Street is customized.

The Athletic Skills are the point of focus within the various sports, activities or games. For example, stability for a knee can be trained within the basic movement skills of climbing, jumping and landing, balancing, going and walking, wrestling and fighting, aiming etc.

All these elements can be placed within the AS Rehabilitation Street, where place can be made for a badminton field, a judo-mat, a high level of external focus with patterns for going, walking and aiming, a basketball net, a handball goal, a slackline etc.

The AS Rehabilitation Street is equipped in a way that allows to build up the rehabilitation trajectory from easy to more complex activities. Hence, it is fun for both the rehabilitator as well as for the trainer.


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