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Athletic Skills Platform

Inspiration for life! For and by ASM instructors


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Get inspired

Find activities based on the principles of the Athletic Skills Model (ASM)

The Athletic Skills Platform is a web-app filled with a wide variety of exercises. All videos are categorised on the ASM Building Blocks. Fill in which building block you would like to see, and the Athletic Skills Platform shows videos with the right exercise. You can even search for complete lessons of other users. Is as easy as is seems.

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Create and organize

Add videos from your own device and make lessons with activities you like

Inspire others with your knowledge and experience. We created the function to upload your own videos to the Athletic Skills Platform, directly from your own device. After that you can combine all the best videos from all the users into complete lessons: a playlist.

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Play and share

Leave instructions to videos and share complete lessons with your athletes

Monkey see, monkey do. Leave instructions to the Athletic Skills Platform. With the ‘Play and share’ button you can create a digital instruction environment to use in your training, lessons or treatment. Use the platform as a tool to let all your athletes work at their own level or share your playlists by mail, WhatsApp, Facebook or what else. This way they can prepare or work at home with personal programs.

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Apply account

The Athletic Skills Platform is available for all trainers/coaches, teachers and physiotherapists who have followed the ASM training.



    Gratis elke maand het laatste nieuws, actuele ontwikkelingen, interessante artikelen en opvallende berichten rondom het Athletic Skills Model op een rij in je mailbox.