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Growth Calculation

The calculation estimates where the child is in his or her physical development. The calculation indicates when the child will reach the maximal growth rate (APHV; Age Peak Height Velocity) and in which ASM stage the child is located at that moment.

The biological developmental age determines for a large part what is trainable and what is less trainable in children. Stage P1 includes, for example, other training types, but also another balance between intensity and volume when compared to stage P2 or P3.

Growth calculation

please note that:

  • The ASM Growth model serves as a framework, the ‘master’s eye’ determines ultimately what can be trained and who fits in which stage.
  • The period of accelerated growth (P2) is an important learning stage, in which steps should be taken to prevent children getting injured. Adapting to the ‘new proportions of the body’ should best be done during movement (sports).
  • The ASM Growth model is based on the scientific study of Mirwald et al. (2002) and is most reliable for girls in the age of 9-13 years and for boys in the age of 12-16 years.
  • We refer to the ASM book for more information about the exercises regarding the ASM Growth Model.


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