In collaboration with ASM and the TU Delft, Derbystar introduced the ‘Adaptaball’, a revolutionary football that constantly challenges and stimulates the player. the Adaptaball is an idea of ASM and specially designed to mimic the behavior of a football on natural grass. Deventrade (distributor Derbystar Benelux) launched the Adaptaball at the beginning of 2017.


Football on artificial grass is different from playing football on natural grass. On natural grass, the unevenness of the ground provides unpredictable twists of the ball. On artificial grass, the behavior of the ball is more predictable, which requires less adaptability of the player. This also means that the responsiveness and the motor skills are less challanged.


” The adaptaball offers the football player a challange to unconciously and playfully get a good control of the ball”

Prof. Dr. Geert Savelsbergh, VU en HvA, Amsterdam


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